Casting Call

All Classes result in live stage performances throughout the year.  Students are encouraged to become a cast member as soon as they are ready.  The Storybook Theatre performs one play per season.  Our actors also have the opportunity to participate in parades, festivals and community service presentations. 

Our  Theatre Curriculum

· Vocal and Physical Expressiveness

· Concentration & Memory Skills

· Ability To Follow Directions

· Group Dynamics and Teamwork

· Problem Solving Skills

· Theatre Terminology

· Stage Design & Props

· Live Stage Performances


Theatre Workshops

Acting Workshops

Ages 5 – 17

All classes are taught with respect and enthusiasm.  There is a general discussion after each training session.  Sessions last 8 weeks and are between 1.5 to 2 hours in length.  All classes are multi-age.        

Young Actors   

 Ages 5-8

Beginning acting lessons, theatre games, dance, singing and theatre terminology.  Whether your child is shy or outgoing, this warm inviting class will help bring out the creativity within.


Ages 9-12

Training and character development, improv, dance, solo and group chorus, memorization skills, stage design and backstage responsibilities.

Senior Apprentice

Ages 13 – 17  

This workshop is designed for the serious acting student.  Theatre background highly recommended but not required.

Cameo Performanes

[walk-in cast members, i.e. musicians or vocalists]

All Ages.  Reserved for students chosen by a casting call.  Admission is by audition only