*Staff pictures August 6th 11:00 a.m. sharp!

(Pictures will be posted on the web and will also be used for your BHS Identification Card.)

BHS Staff work together as a team in an atmosphere of mutual respect, warmth and commitment to the vision and mission of the school.

We are very excited about our teachers, mentors and consultants that have decided to join BRIDGE HAVEN.  The BHS faculty is a skilled group of practitioners, and paraprofessionals constantly developing their skills as both teachers and learners.  Our staff and board of directors page is currently under construction.


Teacher / School Evaluations


 Parents and students are invited to turn in evaluation reports in January and May.  Your comments are very important and help the administration provide excellent service to its members.

Constructive criticism and praise helps the school achieve its mission.  Meaningful suggestions and solutions are always welcome.  Bullying, insults and pointing fingers are strictly prohibited.