Progressive Education



Progressive education is an active, engaging and creative journey that begins in childhood and never ends. The schoolhouses resemble peaceful communities where children are treated with respect and their voices are heard. The hands-on, project based curriculum stimulates students through visual, auditory and kinesthetic methods.

The “whole child” is respected for their diversity of intelligences, talents and learning styles. The curriculum changes and adjusts to each student. This is a crucial component for young learners as it allows for individual rates of development, the ability to build from relevant experiences and knowledge; making it easier to understand, comprehend and remember.

Progressive schools believe in the importance of a challenging academic and artistic curriculum. Standards are based on intention with goals that are authentic and worthy. The environment inspires curiosity and the learning community maintains a positive attitude about challenges and tasks. There is structure, flexibility and freedom.

Educational freedom in today’s progressive schools is not about laziness, distraction or lack of accountability. It is about making good choices; planning wisely, organizing thoughts and ideas that will bring forth success.  Progressive students learn that freedom equals opportunity.  It is what you do with that opportunity that counts.  Their entire elementary education focuses on setting goals and managing time.  The children are able to absorb and utilize this most important concept.

Preparation for a more symbolic lecture based education begins in middle school. 
The “lectures” have a twist.  Students do the research, prepare material, and plan their own lecture series.  Peers come to the study sessions, take notes, ask questions and acquire new information.  The cluster advisor observes and offers guidance only when necessary.  This is a rigorous task for it requires careful study and presenting the subject in such a way that his or her classmates can learn.

What Do Bridge Haven Students Learn?

They learn  how to care for their body, mind and the spirit within.lllllllllhljhkhjk
They learn  how to grasp opportunities as they arise.l

They learn  how to get up and try again if they fail or make mistakes.

They learn  to create change within themselves, ultimately leading to purposeful lives that will benefit family, community and the world beyond.

They learn  that they are an important member of a global society.hjklljhk

They learn  to appreciate differences in others.l

They learn  that intellectual pursuit happens one step at a time.


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