Personal Learning Plan



The Personal Learning Plan (PLP) is a formal and prescribed collection of materials that documents student academic, personal and social development.  The PLP is a tool that helps students and advisors set and achieve learning goals based on academic requirements and social interests.  Parents, aides and volunteers can access the information easily and help students in the classroom or at home.  The plan is utilized at the Educational Planning Conference. 


Educational Planning Conferences are scheduled three times a year (September, January, May).  Conferences range from thirty minutes to an hour in length.




           •  Academic Coursework                          

           •  Attendance                                    

           •  Learning Styles                      

           •  Evaluation/ Feedback

           •  Benchmarks being met

           •  Assessment Records

           •  Personal Goals

           •  Record of Community Service

           •  Samples of work and photos

           •  Awards