Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide a peaceful sanctuary that will enrich and educate the lives of children.

Our task is to gently guide them through their intellectual, artistic and physical journey of self-discovery and relevant knowledge.

Our objective is to balance structure, freedom of choice and social responsibility.

Our goal is to graduate children who love to learn and do it well.

Our Philosophy

We Believe:

  • in the progressive vision of education because it respects the child as a valuable, thinking human being, capable of making contributions to society.
  • that it is an educator’s responsibility to understand the child’s reality and keep the learning relevant for their world.
  • in the multiage environment that reflects real community life while accommodating different learning styles, abilities and interests.
  • in creating an atmosphere where all children want to read, write, calculate, question, analyze, predict and come up with their own ideas. They will build respectful and trusting relationships in a safe environment that encourages democracy and decision making.
  • in integrating the arts and sciences into all subjects thus allowing the student to better understand themselves and the world around them.
  • in authentic individual assessment that highlights achievements and progress both inside and outside the school arena.
  • that education need not be stressful but instead an ever-reaching adventure into what inspires us. Raising thinkers and creators takes time and should never be rushed.