Kindergarten – 3rd Grade


Language Arts
The Math Hour
Social Studies






Language Arts


Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing

Our formal reading program includes a combination of phonics and whole language. As students progress we place an emphasis on developing comprehension and fluency. A personal learning plan is designed for each student depending on their level of ability. Students learn through hands-on materials, projects, media presentations, and technology tools.

Social studies, history and science are blended into the language arts curriculum. Theme oriented projects enhance and increase vocabulary. The children write stories, plays and poetry based on presented material or their own interests. They write in journals and keep personal dictionaries. Grammar is introduced in a relevant manner.

Teachers and volunteers read aloud to the children; stimulating a love of literature and developing an appreciation for reading and writing. Oral communication skills are emphasized and developed through presentations, choral speaking, dramatic play and group meetings.

The Math Hour

The focus is on the introduction of basic skills and helping students understand the relevance of math in everyday life. Studies become more advanced as they progress through the math program.

The children begin their hour by working on tasks listed in their personal learning plan (PLP). The challenge is to be working on math for a complete hour. Some children become so focused that they work beyond the required hour.

Students work with a group, individually or with a teacher or volunteer. Younger students observe older students working on mathematical projects. The older children’s skills are reinforced by teaching. The children use manipulatives, games, hands-on projects, multi-media and writing assignments to help them understand concepts.

Units of Study


Calendar work Simple fractions
Numeral writing Number sentences
PuzzlesLogic and strategy
Mapping and graphingGeometry
Set theory Math games

Operations with whole numbers



The focus of our science curriculum is to stimulate a sense of wonder and curiosity in our students. Science is integrated into the reading and writing process which increases and enhances vocabulary. The scientific method is presented and applied. All students keep a nature notebook.
Our gardens serve as a living laboratory for the children to investigate and observe the natural world. Science specialists visit the campus to expand the student’s learning. We supplement our science program with weekly nature walks; trips to museums, zoos, local farms and community gardens.

Units of Study

Story of the universeThe five senses
Nature of the elementsCause and effect
Animals and PlantsClassification
Sun and EarthDocumenting seed growth
Composting and gardeningWeather
Experiments and Observations 

Social Studies

The students are beginning to explore the world around them and beyond. The Bridge Haven Global Studies Program focuses on cultural awareness and an appreciation of others. There is a choice of activities related to our themes or the child may follow their own individual interests.

Units of Study


Exploration of countries and culturesFlag Study
Neighborhoods and community   National and State Historical Sites
California                                          Reading local maps  
Seasonal holidays Folk Tales
OccupationsUnited States
TransportationHistory and Architecture

Famous Americans   


Maps and globes are introduced

Myths and Legends



Social Studies and Geography are combined in theme related activities for first-third grades.  Individual interests are always encouraged