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“Education should not be

stressful but instead an

ever reaching adventure

into what inspires us”



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Kindergarten through Eighth Est. 2011

Multi-Sensory Learning Classrooms – Thematic – Project Based  – Collaboration – Communication – Creativity – Self-Paced Academics

Our mission is to provide a peaceful sanctuary that will enrich and educate children. Our task is to gently guide them through their educational journey while promoting a sense of community awareness.

Join our collaborative community of cheerful learners and educators at our new site in SANTA ROSA for the 2016-2017 school year. Please check weekly for additional information.

EXPLORE..LEARN…DISCOVER! We are pleased to announce our workshops designed for homeschooling families. Your child will have the opportunity to take courses in a small private school setting. Great fun!

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Employment Opportunity: Collaborative Teaching Team


We set out to develop a program in which children can explore the possibilities of self-education and the responsibilities necessary for success.  Through research and practical experimentation we have discovered Bridge Haven.  The education is authentic and relevant for a child’s personal journey towards independence. Differentiated instruction is the core of our lower school philosophy, and children are continually assessed to ensure their academic and social needs are met.  We invite you to visit and learn more about the research and theory behind our program philosophy. Our BRIDGE HAVEN SOCIAL CALENDAR provides social skill training in an elementary and middle school setting.

A non-profit 501(c)3 corporation  Tax ID#45-4904742